Sports World Global Solutions help Sports Academies and Clubs creating unique and customized training camps in collaboration with international sports clubs. Our trips will not only give students and players an experience of a life but also educate and inspire teachers and coaches, and position their Sports Academies as the go-to academy for the future generation. 


We offer full-service packages and take care of everything before and during your stay, so you can concentrate on your team.


The owner, CEO & Founder, is Hanna Mezei, a former professional handball player and Hungarian National Player, sports teacher and handball coach at one of the biggest Sports Academies in Denmark.


Hanna has more than 20 years of experience organizing training camps and sports trips. She has huge  international network in the sports world.

Hanna Mezei

CEO & Founder

Sports World Global Solutions is a fully licensed travel agency, registered in Denmark, and member of the Danish Travel Guarantee Fund, which gives you security and guarantee when you travel with this company.



Sports World Global Solutions provides UNIQUE TRIPS and offers the BEST SERVICE.

Sports World Global Solutions ApS

Phone: +45 29 90 93 20

Addrese: Bolbrovej 31

5882 Vejstrup - Denmark

VAT nr.: DK41504609


Fully licensed Travel Agency

Member of the Danish Travel Guarantee Fund

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